After Graduation

Career options

Most of the students enrolled in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering continue on to graduate level education. At graduate school, practical research activities equip students to be engineers and researchers.

Major destinations for the next stage of education are Kyoto University's graduate schools: Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Informatics and Graduate School of Energy Science, whose faculty members have charge of education in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Some continue on to the Graduate School of Management (business school) or other universities inside and outside Japan.

Those graduating in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering enter the professional world in a wide variety of fields including electronics, electricity, telecommunications, information, automotive, machinery, railroad, government and other public offices (The Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Patent Office, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), to university.

The following is a list of private companies at which our graduates (both undergraduate and graduate students majoring in electrical and electronic engineering) have found employment in the past few years.