Laboratories and Academic Staff

This is an introduction to the labs responsible for guidance in special research (graduation theses) in the Undergraduate School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Click the name of the lab or academic staff for further details.

Graduate School of Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Advanced Electrical Systems Theory

Yoshihiko SUSUKI [Associate Professor]

Shiu MOCHIYAMA [Assistant Professor]

Fundamentals of Systems
Automatic Control Engineering

Tomomichi HAGIWARA [Professor]

Yohei HOSOE [Junior Associate Professor]

Innovative Systems Theory

Takuya SAKAMOTO [Professor]

Biomedical Engineering
Composite Systems Theory Shinji DOI [Professor]
Biological Function Engineering

Kazuyoshi YOSHII [Professor]

Yosuke ITO [Junior Associate Professor]

Hiroyuki UEDA [Assistant Professor]

Electromagnetics Engineering
Applied Superconductivity

Naoyuki AMEMIYA [Professor]

Yusuke SOGABE [Assistant Professor]

Electrical and Electromagnetic Circuit Takashi HISAKADO [Associate Professor]
Electromagnetic Energy Engineering

Tetsuji MATSUO [Professor]

Takeshi MIFUNE [Junior Associate Professor]

Shingo HIRUMA [Assisitant Professor]

Electronic Science and Engineering

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Integrated Function Engineering

Itsuhiro KAKEYA [Associate Professor]
Yasuhito GOTOH [Associate Professor]

Applied Electronic Physics


Applied Nano-electronics Masashi SHIRAISHI [Professor]
Ryo Ohshima [Assistant Professor]
Applied Quantum Electronics Shigeki TAKEUCHI [Professor]
Ryo OKAMOTO [Associate Professor]
Hideaki TAKASHIMA [Assistant Professor]
Functional Electronic Science and Engineering
Semiconductor Science and Engineering Tsunenobu KIMOTO [Professor]
Yusuke NISHI [Assistant Professor]
Electronic Material Science and Engineering

Kei KOBAYASHI [Associate Professor]

Quantum Engineering
Optoelectronic Materials Science and Engineering Yoichi KAWAKAMI [Professor]
Mitsuru FUNATO [Associate Professor]
Ryota ISHII [Assistant Professor]
Quantum Optoelectronics Susumu NODA [Professor]
Takashi ASANO [Associate Professor]
Kenji ISHIZAKI [Assistant Professor]
Quantum Optical Engineering Kazuhiko SUGIYAMA [Associate Professor]
Toshihiro NAKANISHI [Assistant Professor]

Photonics and Electronics Science and Enginerring Center

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Advanced Functional Materials Engineering


Nano-Process Engineering

Menaka De Zoysa [Junior Associate Professor]
Yoshinori Tanaka [Junior Associate Professor]

Advanced Electronic Materials Shizuo FUJITA [Professor]
Kentaro KANEKO [Junior Associate Professor]

Graduate School of Informatics

Intelligence Science and Technology

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Intelligence Media
Language Media Processing Yugo MURAWAKI [Associate Professor]
Visual Information Processing Ko NISHINO [Professor]
Hiroaki KAWASHIMA [Associate Professor]
Shohei NOBUHARA [Junior Associate Professor]

Communications and Computer Engineering

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Communications Systems Engineering
Digital Communications Hiroshi HARADA [Professor]
Hidekazu MURATA [Associate Professor]
Keiichi MIZUTANI [Assistant Professor]
Integrated-Media Communications
Intelligent Communication Networks

Eiji OKI [Professor]

Ryoichi SHINKUMA [Associate Professor]

Takehiro SATO [Assistant Professor]

Integrated Systems Engineering
Processor Architecture and Systems Synthesis Takashi SATO [Professor]
Hiromitsu AWANO [Associate Professor]
Integrated Circuits Design Engineering
Advanced Signal Processing Masanori HASHIMOTO [Professor]
Ryo SHIRAI [Assistant Professor]

Systems Science

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Systems Informatics
Integrated Systems Biology Shin ISHII [Professor]
Shigeyuki OBA [Junior Associate Professor]
Biomedical Engineering Hirohiko IMAI [Assistant Professor]

Graduate School of Energy Science

Socio-Environmental Energy Science

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Socio-Environmental Energy Systems
Energy and Information Hiroshi SHIMODA [Professor]
Hirotake ISHII [Assistant Professor]

Fundamental Energy Science

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Energy Physics
Electromagnetic Energy

Yuji NAKAMURA [Professor]

Akihiro ISHIZAWA [Associate Professor]

Energy Science and Technology

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Applied Thermal Science
Device Physics Toshiya DOI [Professor]

Shigeru HORII [Associate Professor]

Process and Energy Yasuyuki SHIRAI [Professor]

Related Institutes and Research Centers

Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Intellectual Property Section
Softwares and Contents

Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Radio Atmospheric Sciences
Remote Sensing Engineering Mamoru YAMAMOTO [Professor]
Tatsuhiro YOKOYAMA [Associate Professor]
Atmospheric Observations

Hiroyuki HASHIGUCHI [Professor]

Jun-ichi FURUMOTO [Assistant Professor]
Masanori YABUKI [Assistant Professor]

Radio Engineering
Space Radio Engineering Hirotsugu KOJIMA [Professor]
Yoshikatsu UEDA [Assistant Professor]
Microwave Energy Transmission Naoki SHINOHARA [Professor]
Tomohiko MITANI [Associate Professor]
Space Radio Science Simulation Yoshiharu OMURA [Professor]
Yusuke EBIHARA [Associate Professor]

Institute of Advanced Energy

Division/Research Section Academic Staff
Advanced Energy Generation
Advanced Particle Beam Energy

Kazunobu NAGASAKI [Professor]
Kai MASUDA [Associate Professor]
Shinsuke OHSHIMA [Assistant Professor]

Advanced Plasma Energy

Takashi MINAMI [Associate Professor]
Shinji KOBAYASHI [Assistant Professor]

Advanced Energy Conversion
Complex Plasma System

Hiroyuki OKADA [Associate Professor]

Shinichiro KADO [Associate Professor]
Satoshi YAMAMOTO [Assistant Professor]

Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Information Media Engineering
Information Visualization Kozo KOYAMADA [Professor]
Multimedia Science Yuichi NAKAMURA [Professor]
Kazuaki KONDO [Junior Associate Professor]