Biomedical Engineering (Matsuda Lab)

Biomedical Engineering

As measurement systems of biological functions used for diagnostic imaging and data processing systems used for gene analysis, information systems currently serve as essential infrastructure for medical science and medical treatment. Research into medical systems requires an interdisciplinary effort that brings together the two fields denoted by the key words "information" and "bio". We are pursuing education and research relating to information systems for medical science and treatment, aimed at establishing methodologies for functional imaging of the brain and heart, and developing new measurement techniques for biophysical characteristics, through joint research projects in a wide range of fields with the Faculty of Medicine and other partners.

Academic Staff


Professor (Graduate School of Informatics)Matsuda

Research Interests
Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI), Physiological Simulation of Heart

Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Biomedical Applications

Yoshida Hon-machi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8501
TEL/FAX: +81-75-753-3372 / 3376
E-mail: tetsu[at]i.

Megumi NAKAO

Associate Professor (Graduate School of Informatics)Nakao

Research Interests
Machine intelligence in medicine, Virtual reality, Biomedical engineering

Exercise of Computer Programming, Practice of Basic Informatics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Biomedical Applications

E-mail: megumi[at]

Hirohiko IMAI

Assistant Professor (Graduate School of Informatics)

Research Interests
Magnetic Resonance Imaging,  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

E-mail: imai[at]

Research Topics

Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI)

We have interests in imaging and motion analysis of heart, and elasticity imaging of living tissue by MR imaging techniques. We are conducting animal experiments to explore novel imaging methods on tissue characteristics and biological functions using in-house, experimental MR device.

MR imaging

Machine Intelligence in Medicine

We have interests in geometry and physics-based modeling of organs, and formulation of medical knowledge on diagnosis and surgery. We are seeking methods such as machine intelligence in medicine, image processing and virtual reality, and creating the basis of next generation medical system that automates/navigates diagnosis and treatment.

Machine intelligence in medicine


We have interests in mechanism of haptic recognition and systems for haptic transfer and sharing. We are conducting psychological user experiments utilizing contact force sensors, motion capture, and force feedback systems.