The philosophy of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is to support an energy-oriented and information society in the 21st century both in "software" and "hardware." Based on this philosophy, we aim to foster human resources who acquire a broader specialized knowledge and a solid basic academic ability to respond to rapid progress in electrical and electronic engineering and the growth of a high information society.

For this purpose, we need to focus our efforts on the development of researchers and engineers who have a capability to aggressively pursue the theory they advocate and its practical application, based on their specialized knowledge and experience. At the same time, they need to have an ability to ground their theory on applied research. Another important challenge for us is to expand the scope of our educational activities to respond to globalization in the major of electricity and electronics. In the undergraduate course in particular, more emphasis is placed on the acquisition of systematic basic knowledge in a specialized field and the growth of the ability to think logically, apply theory and resolve problems.

To help students improve their understanding of lectures and arouse their interest in their specialized fields, exercises, experiments and laboratory training are conducted. Through these academic activities, independent efforts to enhance their knowledge and understanding are expected. Concerning the evaluation of academic performance, our aim is to establish an objective method to assess students' ability to apply expertise based on certain criteria.

Furthermore, we aim to foster students' awareness of necessity, morality and the importance of education in an advanced science and technology society. As part of efforts toward faculty development in undergraduate education, classes are evaluated by students to grasp the quality of the education provided. A self-assessment is conducted on education activities provided by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, which is also evaluated by outsiders. We also endeavor to enhance the quality of our students by establishing a support system to encourage their self-help efforts.