Graduation Research

Students in the fourth year are assigned to a laboratory to work on their graduation research based on their knowledge and experience acquired so far. For graduate research, an up-to-date research topic is presented to each student by his direct supervisor. To accomplish their research, students need to make positive efforts to acquire expertise while receiving advice from faculty and graduate students. However, the success of such research is not guaranteed because it deals with a current theme. Nobody knows what the result is – though it should be justifiable to some extent because the theme is set based on a fair prospect and insight. In the process of research, a phenomenon that cannot be explained in a simple theory mentioned in textbooks often occurs. It is very valuable to get research experience that cannot be obtained through lessons and workshops in which the true answer is always provided there, by trying and figuring it out along the way.

It is not the objective of graduation research to achieve results as expected. In such a case, clarifying and identifying why the hypothesis cannot be verified is a great success. It often leads to better results because of heavy thinking. Sometimes, unexpected results can lead to significant progress in research or prepare the way for a breakthrough.

Sometimes, heated discussion with faculty staff and graduate students, friendly rivalry with peers, all-night experiments/analytic work may be necessary. After completing a dissertation and an oral test, you will get much higher fulfillment than when passing a university entrance exam. Graduation research work will bring you one step closer to your goal of becoming a fully-fledged engineer and researcher.