For Prospective Students

This page is designed to assist prospective students to learn more about the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University.

You may already have the handbook published by the Faculty of Engineering, but it does not go into sufficient detail to provide you with an overview of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Read the brochure distributed at the Open Campus, and you will understand what a broad range of areas the school covers and what important roles they have played in society. The greater flexibility our school offers may be attractive to those who wish to find a path that they should follow after studying the basics of various areas of specialization at university. For further information about many research topics, please refer to the back issues of "Cue," an information magazine published by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and released into the public domain. You will also find explication of the latest research works and the research themes chosen by graduate students (on the master's and doctoral courses) majoring in electrical and electronic engineering. For information on our distinctive curriculum and career options after graduation, please click on a menu option below.



After Graduation