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Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The first year of university centers on general education subjects. The basic study is important, but it is not much fun to focus solely on it. You may have more interest in cutting-edge research, graduation research or research at graduate school. To respond to such a request, "Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering" is provided as a subject in the second semester of the first year.

As part of course activities, students in groups visit more than 20 laboratories for interviews and reports. They talk to staff and graduate students about what kind of research they are conducting, what their goals are and what research topics they are absorbed in. Students are also required to search what basic subjects are necessary to do research, as well as the impact of research on society, laboratory equipment for research and the career options of alumni. Furthermore, students work on experiments and theoretical calculation to have first-hand experience for the research. At a class presentation held in the last week of the semester, each group will make a presentation, and a testimonial will be given to excellent groups.

Through the "Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering," you will have a concrete image about research, which allows you to work on the specialized subjects (classes, research exercises, workshops/experiments) provided in the second year by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.