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Integrated-Media Communications

Multimedia communication can be realized through a variety of wired and wireless transmission media such as fiber optics, radio waves, co-axial cables, power lines, etc. We aim to construct user-oriented information-communication systems for backbone core networks, mobile communication networks, and ubiquitous home networks. For that purpose, we research technologies of the network layer, the media access layer, and the physical layer and their integration by taking advantage of the nature of individual transmission media.

Academic Staff


Koji YAMAMOTOAssociate Professor (Graduate School of Informatics)

Research Interests

  • Distributed cooperative radio networks
  • Spectrum sharing systems


Room S408, Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.3, Yoshida-Campus, Kyoto University
E-mail: kyamamot @ i.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Introduction to R&D Topics

Fixed Wireless Access

The fixed wireless access networks are an infrastructure-free communication techenology. The realization of communicatoin services by the fixed wireless access networks has been desired. We investigate the modulation, the coding, and the media access technologies of the fixed wireless access networks to enhance the system capacity.


Mobile Communication

We research the adaptive modulation scheme, the signal processing technology, and the error control scheme to enhance the data rate for the mobile communication systems. We also research the software defined radio technology which can communicate with many different wireless communication systems.