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Advanced Plasma Energy (Fusion Energy Control/Mizuuchi Lab)

The research in this section concerns the physics of high temperature plasmas in complex electromagnetic fields, and the development of advanced plasma control technology for plasma energy application.

Academic Staff


Professor (Institute of Advanced Energy)

Research Interests

My major field of study is high temperature plasma physics and engineering to develop fusion energy reactor and to open new windows of high‑temperature plasma application in the energy science. Boundary plasma control is one of the important key issues not only to obtain high performance fusion plasma but also to realize optimized plasma‑material interactions. Recent studies are focused on boundary plasma control for improvement of core plasma performance. Studies of advanced fueling system, surface modification of plasma facing materials for recycling control, characterization of edge plasma turbulence by using advanced diagnostics, etc. are in progress under domestic/international collaborations.


Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University, Gokasho, Uji, 611-0011

Takashi MINAMI

Associate Professor (Institute of Advanced Energy)

Research Interests



Assistant Professor (Institute of Advanced Energy)

Research Interests


Introduction to R&D Topics

  • High Temperature Plasma Confinement in a helical-axis heliotron device, Heliotron J
  • Optimization of Heliotron Configuration
  • Edge Plasma Control in Magnetic Confinement Fusion
  • Optimization of Divertor Configuration in Helical System
  • Plasma Heating and Momentum Control by using Neutral Beam Injection
  • High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics