Automatic Control Engineering (Hagiwara Lab)

Imagine a product or a device without control without thinking of a mere box?

In this lab we pursue research into the theory of system control and its applications.

Control is technology that ensures, for example, that the movement or condition of a target object conforms to a desired state, or that it tracks a desired transition pattern. (An example of the former is the following action of a hard disk head, while its seek operation is an example of the latter.) Control technology is indispensable for ensuring that all kinds of products and devices operate in the "proper" way. It highly depends on the adopted control law or policy (which is a sort of algorithm) how much we can exploit the capabilities of hardware at hand, and it is the role of system control theory to develop a general theory for achieving control performance that almost attains the highest possible one for the hardware.

In control, the concepts of feedback and of viewing the target object as a system are both very important. These concepts are very useful not only for man-made objects, but also for dealing with various phenomena governed by the laws of nature or by human behavior, and even complex global-scale systems that arise from the combined and connected effects of these forces. On the theoretical side, we are focusing on the essential common features of these various systems and abstracting these to perform general research within mathematical frameworks. To achieve control of actual specific systems too, we are pursuing research that utilizes the results of this theoretical research, making use of experiments and computer simulations.

Academic Staff

Tomomichi HAGIWARA

Professor (Graduate School of Engineering)

Research Fields

Sampled-data/digital control systems, Time-delay systems, Two-degree-of-freedom optimal control systems, Applied mathematics in dynamical system theory


A1-423, Katsura Campus

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Junior Associate Professor (Graduate School of Engineering)

Research Interests

Stochastic control, Robust control, Discrete-time systems, Periodic systems


A1-422, Katsura Campus